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LanguageCert International ESOL benefits

Whether you are a learner, teacher, employer, or Test Centre, LanguageCert International ESOL Exams offer you a range of tangible benefits. To find out more please click on the links below:

What are the LanguageCert International ESOL benefits for learners?

Flexibility of Exams: you can prepare and then sit for only the Written or only the Spoken Exam and it will be easier for you to achieve the full exam bit by bit; you can direct your learning activities towards particular skills areas (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

Separate certificates: if you sit for both the Written and the Spoken Exam but only succeed in one, you will receive a certificate for the exam you have passed. When you have passed both exams of the same level, you will receive two separate certificates – for the Written and the Spoken Exam respectively – for the level achieved.

On demand: you can take the exams on dates agreed on with your school (LanguageCert Approved Test Centre) and at any time of the year*.

*Different conditions apply in specific regions, please check with your school.

Internationally recognised Awarding Body: you will improve your chances for academic development and have access to better employment opportunities.

Exams functional language use: you will be able to use English successfully for both making friends across borders and working internationally.

Mapped to the CEFR: you will receive an objective feedback on your language knowledge measured by internationally accepted standards.

One-to-one Spoken Exam: only you and a LanguageCert Interlocutor will be participating in your Spoken Exam, as there will not be another candidate. This way you can focus and perform to the best of your ability.

Fairness and impartiality – Written Exam: after papers are marked, our Chief Examiner checks the marking to ensure there are no discrepancies in the way papers are marked.

Fairness and impartiality – Spoken Exam: marking is not done by the Interlocutor during the exam. Instead, your exam is recorded and the recorded interview is marked by an independent LanguageCert Marker after the exam. This way the Interlocutor can fully concentrate on the exam and help you perform to the best of your ability. The recording comes handy if for any reason your Spoken Exam performance needs to be verified.

Reasonable exam length: you do not have to spend a whole day taking the exam; the Written and Spoken Exams will require only about 3 hours of your time.

Indefinite exam validity: the certificate has life-long validity.

Communicative exam: you will need to be able to use English, focusing primarily on communicative skills rather than vocabulary range or grammar; thereby you can take a LanguageCert International ESOL Exam even if you have been preparing for another exam.

How to get started

To enrol for a LanguageCert International ESOL Exam, please contact us.

What are the LanguageCert International ESOL benefits for teachers?

Prepare learners for a LanguageCert International ESOL Exam and enjoy the benefits!

  • It will boost your sense of professional achievement
  • Your learners will work harder if they are preparing for an exam and have a target to reach
  • Your reputation as an excellent teacher will grow commensurately with the number of learners getting certified
  • Your learners will develop an even higher esteem for your professionalism if you have a proven record of successful exam preparation
  • You will prove your high worth to your employer by demonstrating the number of your learners’ successful exams as an objective measure of your performance
  • You will be able to reward your students with a certificate from a globally recognised Awarding Body, which is key to their future success in studies, as well as to their motivation
  • You will have access to free support materials available online, which will save you time preparing for your classes and give you more confidence and inspiration for the exam preparation process

Features - benefits:

Communicative exam

  • Your students will become functional users of the English language
  • In preparing for a communicative exam your English classes will also become communicative in nature and methodology - the ultimate demand of learners, school directors and parents
  • Your classes - when applying the communicative method - will become more enjoyable for learners, which increases performance and motivation, while reducing absenteeism
  • Your students are assessed based on what they know rather on what they do not know, as far as language proficiency is concerned

Mapped to the CEFR

  • You will be able to give your learners standardised exams from a globally recognised Awarding Body
  • Your classes will become more aligned with internationally accepted teaching practices when teaching along the CEFR requirements
  • You will have the flexibility to use any support material for your classes/exam preparation that is equally mapped to the CEFR
  • Your students will be objectively assessed by external markers trained by LanguageCert along the CEFR guidelines

Assessment of functional language use

  • Little exam-specific preparation is required
  • No score deduction for wrong answers in Listening and Reading parts

Use of Performance Codes

  • Guidance and encoded reporting on how each student performed in each task of the Written or the Spoken Exams can aid more targeted efforts on further study progression
  • Information provided by LanguageCert markers on how well each of your students performed in a particular task of the Written and/or Spoken Exam


Your students can sit for the exam at any time of the year by which you will be able to:

  • Examine students as and when they reach the desired level or progress from one level to the next
  • Adjust your exam dates to course completion or progress rather than complete the language course by a set exam date
  • Flexibly enrol students for exams at different levels according to the progress they have made, so no student is left unrewarded

Flexibility of Written and Spoken Exams – being two separate exams

  • You can focus on skills-specific exam preparation (on Listening, Reading and Writing on the one hand and Speaking on the other)
  • You can enrol your students for a Written Exam, even if they still need to develop their speaking skills at a particular level (or enrol them for a Spoken Exam at a lower level)
  • In case of a Fail grade in only the Written or only the Spoken Exam, the failed exam needs to be repeated rather than the whole.

How to get started

To enrol your students for a LanguageCert International English exam, please contact us.

What are the LanguageCert International ESOL benefits for employers?

LanguageCert International ESOL Examinations are a proof that the resources you invest into language training deliver their expected return, which in turn is:

  • A condition for business growth through working across the borders
  • A tool for better understanding market needs through cultural awareness
  • A condition for efficient search for information about the industry/global economy.

As you give your staff the chance to enrol for LanguageCert International ESOL Examinations, you will:

  • Develop your staff's English language competence to the desired standard
  • Improve your staff's ability to communicate with foreign partners
  • Enhance the image of your company thanks to the expanded range of the staff's competences
  • Be able to get approved as a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre – which is a badge of excellence through the Awarding Body’s quality assurance system
  • Be able to attract valuable new employees owing to in-house language training for the staff
  • Be able to objectively measure your English language training provider's success and performance

Upon the prospect of an international certificate, your employees will:

  • Improve their language competence
  • Study harder if they know there is a target to achieve
  • Perceive studying and exams as a team-building activity (aimed at achieving a goal, which is an exam)
  • Develop self-esteem and motivation to achieve
  • Rate you higher as an employer

Features - benefits:

On-demand: there is no need to sacrifice work and on-the-job efficiency to prepare for a set date of the exam (like in the case of other exams).

Conducted at a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre: The employee may sit for the exam at the premises of his/her company, which eliminates a stressful atmosphere associated with exams and saves commuting time.

Conducted by Interlocutors: Your employees will have a lower exam stress level and be more successful – as the Interlocutor only conducts the spoken interview without assessing.

Tests communicative skills: Your employees will be able to efficiently use the English language for purposes of work and international communication.

Flexibility of two exams: Depending on their role in the company, you can decide whether you wish to train your employees to be excellent speakers of English, or it would suffice to be functional in reading and writing only - and choose the right exam accordingly.

Mapped to the CEFR: your employees succeeding in a particular level of an International ESOL Exam are guaranteed to have the same level of functionality in English.

How to get started

Arrange for a meeting with a LanguageCert representative. We have a history of helping employers meet their people development needs. We will use all this experience to help you find your own solution.

To contact us, please click here.

What are the LanguageCert International ESOL benefits for Test Centres?

Globally recognised Awarding Body: by working with LanguageCert you will be able to increase the range of added value services that you provide to your customers.

Exams on-demand: you have the flexibility to organise exams at any time; rather than adjusting curriculum to exam dates, you can adjust exam dates to curriculum.

Unrivalled examination technologies: you will benefit from unique, advanced exam management solutions developed by LanguageCert that will make your work easier and more transparent, and will save you time. LanguageCert will provide you with the necessary training to start using its robust web administration platform (PASSPORT) for managing your exams and will support you along the way.

Best-of-class business management tools: you can get the full picture of your LanguageCert International ESOL Exams performance through our reporting system real-time and make your informed management decisions easily.

Competitive pricing: you will be able to make profit on exam services, while still remaining competitive with your exam prices.

Offered by a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre: you can differentiate from competition, as you will get a publicly visible badge through the Quality Assurance system of a globally recognised Awarding Body. All Invigilators and Interlocutors will be trained and approved by LanguageCert.

Written and Spoken Exams are separate: you will be able to make exam preparation more efficient by focusing on Spoken skills separately from the others, and to reward and motivate your students with an exam as they progress stage by stage.

Communicative exam:

  • Your learners will be able to use language for a wide range of purposes (making friends, working, travelling, academic studies), which in turn will generate new business by positive word-of-mouth advertising
  • The teachers will adjust their classroom techniques to achieve communicative goals if they know they are preparing students for a communicative exam
  • Your students and teachers will be more motivated to work harder if there is a goal at the end of the teaching/learning process
  • You will be able to objectively measure your teachers’ performance

Conducted by Interlocutors (examiners without assessment responsibilities):

If your school is a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre, your students will be able to sit for the exam and the Interlocutor will conduct the Spoken exam at your school’s premises. This will:

  • Enable the Interlocutor to concentrate on the candidate's language performance, as he/she does not assess the candidate
  • Reduce stage fright for students during the exam
  • Give you the authority to conduct an international examination at your institution
  • Train your staff to bring classroom atmosphere into the examination room

All Invigilators and Interlocutors will be trained and approved by LanguageCert.

Find out why more and more Test Centres choose the LanguageCert International ESOL qualifications here.

How to get your Test Centre approved

For information on our approval procedure and to receive the approval application pack, please contact us at