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About Universidad de Salamanca


Universidad de Salamanca, an academic point of reference for teaching Spanish language worldwide, will soon celebrate its eighth centenary. It was the first Spanish university to offer Spanish language and culture courses, when starting its Spanish as a Foreign Language programme in 1929. Academic and teaching work continues uninterrupted since then.

Universidad de Salamanca, through its Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca, currently engages in all fields related to Spanish as a Foreign Language: teaching students and teachers, producing materials for learning and teaching, and assessing language skills, nationally and internationally, while partnering with organisations to promote the Spanish language, and engaging in award-winning work on Hispanic culture and values dissemination.

In 1997, Universidad de Salamanca along with the University of Cambridge, Alliance Française and Goethe Institut, developed BULATS tests (Business Language Testing Service). From 2017 onwards, the Universidad de Salamanca Spanish BULATS test is administered through a new online platform provided by LanguageCert’s mother organisation, PeopleCert, under the new name LanguageCert USAL esPro.