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NZQA recognises LanguageCert!

We’re proud to announce that LanguageCert has been formally recognised by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, NZQA!

It is an honour to have been included in the ‘International Recognised English Proficiency Outcome for International Students’ list of another official English-speaking national organisation, the NZQA. It will empower our learners with access to even more international academic and professional options.

NZQA recognition means that LanguageCert qualifications meet admission requirements for education in New Zealand. The LanguageCert qualification levels which are recognised are B1 through C2.

Each educational programme level in New Zealand poses minimum qualification requirements, according to which LanguageCert C1 certificates fulfil the (minimum) requirement for a Bachelor’s degree programme, while C1 with High Pass or C2 fulfil the requirement for postgraduate degrees (Bachelor Honours, Master’s and Doctoral). LanguageCert B1 and B2 certificates are also accepted for admission for Certificates and Diplomas of lower levels of New Zealand’s education system.

You can find out more details about this recognition on the NZQA website.