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Results and Certification

Are the LanguageCert USAL esPro tests recognised?

To find out in which countries LanguageCert USAL esPro tests are recognised click here.

What do the candidates receive upon the completion of a LanguageCert USAL esPro test?

After taking a LanguageCert USAL esPro test, candidates receive:

  • Test Report: presenting separately but in a clear and easy-to-understand way the candidate’s score for each test taken (Listening & Reading ⃰ , Writing, Speaking), and a summary of “Can-Do” statements aligned with CEFR levels. These are functional/ situational statements that describe what a candidate would be expected to do at a work place at a specific CEFR level in Spanish.
  • Certificate:presenting the candidate’s results corresponding to a level from A1 to C2 for scores of 10 or above.

⃰ In the case of the Listening & Reading test, the candidate receives a Test Report presenting the overall score resulting from the combination of the two skills, as well as the separate scores of the two language skills.

How long does it take for candidates to receive their LanguageCert USAL esPro test results?
In the Computer-Based LanguageCert USAL esPro Listening & Reading test the candidate can view on screen a Provisional Test Score at the end of the test session, whereas the official results are released within 2 business days. In the case of the Paper-Based LanguageCert USAL esPro Listening & Reading test, results are released 5 business days upon receipt of answer sheets for marking, whereas in the case of LanguageCert USAL esPro Writing and Speaking tests results are released 10 business days upon receipt of answer sheets for marking.
How long does it take for candidates to receive their LanguageCert International ESOL certificates?
  • e-certificate: available upon release of final results.
  • Hard-copy certificate (available upon request): shipped within 5 days upon the release of results.
Who informs candidates of their results?

LanguageCert or their Test Centre inform candidates of their results.

Are LanguageCert certificates sent directly to candidates?

Certificates can be sent directly to candidates or to the Test Centre.

How long are the certificates valid for?

LanguageCert USAL esPro certificates are valid indefinitely. However, it is recommended that candidates contact the institution/organisation they are applying to.

Who needs to be contacted if a certificate is lost?

Candidates need to contact the Test Centre where they took the exam or LanguageCert.

How can the validity of my LanguageCert USAL esPro certificate be verified?

To check the validity of a LanguageCert USAL esPro certificate, use the Online Certificate Verification Service.