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LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet Benefits

The combination of the expertise of Ankara Üniversitesi – TÖMER, the leader in the teaching and assessment of Turkish as a Foreign Language, with LanguageCert’s innovative exam administration and certification technologies and systems, signifies a great achievement in the field of Turkish Proficiency examination.

Benefits of LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet Exams: 

Flexible exam structure

You can prepare and sit for the Written or the Spoken Exam separately, making it easier for you to achieve great results. This gives you the option of directing your learning activities towards specific skills areas (listening, reading, writing, or speaking).

Separate certificates

If you sit for both the Written and the Spoken Exam but only succeed in one, you will receive a certificate for the exam you have passed. When you have passed both exams of the same level, you will receive two separate certificates – for the Written and the Spoken Exam respectively – for the level achieved.

Diploma for C1 and C2

If you pass both Written and Spoken exams – 4 skills - at the C1 and C2 levels, you will be rewarded with a diploma. You can take the exams either at the same time or different times.

Mapped to the CEFR

You will receive objective feedback on your language knowledge, measured by internationally accepted standards.

One-to-one Spoken exam

Only you and an Interlocutor will be participating in your Spoken Exam, with no other candidates present. This way you can focus and perform to the best of your ability.


All exams are externally set and are assessed by a closed group of markers at Ankara Üniversitesi TÖMER, to ensure consistency and objectivity of the assessment, which is benchmarked against the CEFR.

Fairness and impartialityWritten Exam

After papers are marked, our Chief Examiner checks the marking to ensure there are no discrepancies in the way papers are marked.

Fairness and impartiality – Spoken Exam

Marking is not done by the Interlocutor during the exam. Instead, your exam is recorded and the recorded interview is marked by a marker of Ankara Üniversitesi TÖMER after the exam. The Interlocutor focuses on the exam and helps you perform to the best of your ability. The recording comes handy if, for any reason, your Spoken Exam performance needs to be verified.

Reasonable exam length

You do not have to spend an entire day taking the exam. The Written and Spoken Exams will require only about 3 hours of your time.

Indefinite certificate validity

The certificate has life-long validity.

Communicative exam

You will need to be able to use Turkish, focusing primarily on communicative skills rather than vocabulary range or grammar; thereby you can take a LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet exam even if you have been preparing for another exam.


The tasks are sufficiently universal to suit all language learning styles and preparation methods. The exam content authentically replicates real-life Turkish in use.

Availability of examination dates

LanguageCert Approved Test Centres are in control of scheduling the date and time of the examinations and can hold examinations whenever it is suitable for them and their candidates.*

*Different conditions apply in specific regions, please check with your school.

Quick results delivery

E-certificates are available upon the release of final results, while hard-copy certificates are available shortly after.

How to get started

To enroll for a LanguageCert AÜ TÖMER TürkYet Exam, please contact us.